John Covigington, AZ Drone Pro
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FAA Licensed, Registered, and Insured to fly commercial drones, Arizona Drone Professionals is a new division of JC Studiosllc. Arizona Drone Professional's was founded by John Covington as another creative venture for his keen eye for visual production. Over his extensive creative career, Covington has established himself as a sucessful commercial photographer, specializing in Automotive, Product, Corporate and Fashion photography. His work has been featured nationally and internationally in a wide variety of publication, marketing materials and advertising campaigns.

As the creative behind JC Studios LLC, Covington has a reputation for his sharp eye for detail, fine lighting and attention to quality. The art of Aerial Drone Photography is approached with his vision and knowledge of perspective and visual composition that only comes from years of commercial photographic experience. Covington has his hands in every aspect of the production, from client budget and production meetings, planning, writing, capturing and editing the final cut of your video production. He also has a team of professionals to bring you original sound design and musical scoring, along with a host of other award winning technicians with skills in the art of motion graphics, 3D modeling, Illustration and Logo Design all to execute and bring to life  the smallest jobs to the largest commercial multimedia productions.

JC Studios LLC's has a team of creative contractors who's clients include a wide range of individual entrepreneurs, realtors, publishers, record companies and advertising agencies. We also have experience with commercial customers ranging from local Arizona business, manufacturers and restaurateurs to working directly for international powerhouse brands such as Toyota, Lexus, U-Haul, Disney, Microsoft and ClearChannel to name drop just a few. We're not bragging, but we're always looking for our next client, big or small.

Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding your production, we're here to bring your vision to life and deliver an attractive, quality professional production within your budget and on time.

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